Criminal Law and White Collar Crime

The criminal litigation and White Collar Crime Practice of Machas & Partners is recognized for its outstanding performance in the representation of corporations and individuals with regard to a broad range of criminal matters in Greece and abroad. The firm defends corporations, directors, officers and employees against allegations in various business contexts and all stages of criminal proceedings, including investigations, trials and appeals.

Our Managing Partner, Mr. Machas has extensive experience in handling some of the most complex and high profile criminal cases in Greece of the last few years with remarkable results. His practice is acknowledged for the detailed analysis of the case strategy and the intensive case follow-up in all levels of criminal proceedings (either pre-trial or in-court). He has extensive experience in cross-border criminal matters and has handled several extradition cases either through European Warrant of Arrest or through Extradition Requests based on extradition treaties.

Mr. Machas practice is not limited in Greece, representing local and international clients before the Greek Courts. He also renders his services to Greek and foreign clients abroad either on consulting and coordination level in cooperation with local criminal specialists or by representing them before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

We have represented:

  • a Greek credit institution in connection with a multi-million criminal complaint against incumbent management. (January 2013)
  • a major tobacco industry in a felonious smuggling case (February 2012)
  • the former chief of a procurement authority in a cover-page fraud case. (October 2011)
  • the former CEO of a leading mobile phone operator in Greece in connection with felonious embezzlement allegations. (August 2011)

Machas & Partners is member of the European Criminal Bar Association ( 

For more information about criminal law and white collar crime practice please contact Petros Machas or Alexandros Androutsopoulos.