Public Procurement & PPP

EU and Greek law closely regulate public procurement to prevent fraud, waste, corruption or local protectionism. The issue by the procuring authority of public tenders and the tenders per se require concrete and specialized legal advice. In the last years, new PPP law and the EU Directive on public procurement have created a totally new legal environment. In light that concessions and PPP projects require minimum state contribution, their application becomes more and more attractive for infrastructure and large scale projects.

Our public procurement and PPP practice is leaded by our Partner Diana Vougessis who has extensive experience on both areas, having served for several years in the legal department of one of the major players in the Greek market. We have advised on the EU and national legislative and regulatory framework, the preparation for and participation in public tenders, the drafting and negotiation of the relevant documentation and the execution of public procurement contracts.

For more information about our public procurement and PPP practice please contact Christos Georgantzos.