Labor and Employment Law

The latest developments in Greek Labor Law underline the need for a professional and strategic handling of corporate employment matters. The so-called flexible labor relations, labor reserve and the incentives provided to the employers for the stimulation of employment are issues that should be carefully addressed by qualified specialists.

In light of the new employment and economic environment created by the current financial crisis, restructuring employment relations and rethinking labor cost have proved to be of utmost importance to a company’s success. Our firm’s highly trained and experienced labor lawyers provide high-quality services on all types of labor and employment law matters.

Furthermore, our firm handles executive compensation and benefits matters both at the contractual level and also with respect to litigation and ADR.

We have represented:

  • Navarino S.A. in the drafting of its Internal Labor Regulation (March 2018)
  • Manpower Employment Organisation in corporate transformations impacting employment relations and the granting of unemployment allowances. Our firm also dealt with special public financing issues resulting from the transfer of certain enterprises and we represent the company in cases concerning legal actions taken by temporary employees. (2016)
  • Island Vacations Naval Company winning at the first instance court before the competent Greek court in employment law cases in relation to work accidents, and remuneration claims of the company's personnel, of a value approx. EUR 1m (2016)
  • Biorad LLC on the legality of all its employment terms and conditions. We have also undertaken to redraft all employment agreements (2015)
  • Win S.A. Wireless Products and Services, where in the framework of a change in the ownership status of the company, our firm undertook to effect the changes required in all personnel employment agreements. We also provided advisory services relating to contractual employment issues (2014)
  • the Organisation of Central Market of Athens S.A. on the review of the new Personnel Regulation and the drafting of a template agreement for the assignment of services to contractors following a bidding procedure. (2013)
  • SEKAP S.A. a leading tobacco industry in Greece on the company's internal regulation and the restructuring of the business relations. Our firm also acted during the negotiations’ stage for the finalization of the company’s internal regulation before the Organization of Mediation and Arbitration (OMED), as well as during the arbitration proceedings before OMED’s Arbitral Court. (December 2013)

For more information about our labor and employment law pratice please contact Nikolaos Koulocheris or Maria Antoniadou.