Our Managing Partner Mr. Machas is acknowledged as one of the leading litigators, with extensive experience in all types of litigation and ADR, providing Machas and Partners with unparalleled litigation experience.

Our team comprises talented, well-trained and experienced lawyers, able to represent and defend our clients before the criminal, civil and administrative courts of Greece in a wide range of cases. Also, we handle cross-border litigation cases before Greek and foreign courts. In foreign litigation cases, our firm undertakes the selection of local counsel, the coordination with the same and strategic advisory. We also represent local and foreign clients before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Furthermore, our firm provides its clients with skillful and professionally structured representation in a broad range of specific types of litigations, such as Corporate Litigation, Sports Litigation, Malpractice litigation, Insurance Litigation, Trademark and Copyright Litigation, Privacy Litigation, Securities and Financial Institutions Regulations Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Class Action Litigation.

We have represented:

  • one of the top Greek businessmen in the TOR-M1 Missile System case regarding corruption allegations. (2019)
  • one of the top Greek businessmen in the Submarines Procurement case regarding corruption allegations. (2019)
  • a public figure in its front page divorce proceedings. (2019)
  • the former BoD and top executives of the Hellenic Football Federation against corruption allegations concerning i) acting in a criminal organisation, ii) extortion, bribery and embezzlement and iii) embezzlement in relation to the health care ID card. (2019)
  • Sciens International Investments & Holdings S.A., which acts as the civil claimant, with respect to a multi-million fraud case implicating the owner and the management of a Greek credit institution. (2019)
  • a high networth individual for tax evasion allegations of a value of EUR 60m., during the preliminary examination (2018)
  • the President of the group of companies Johnson & Johnson Europe in the: claims of instigation in fraud against the Greek State, instigation in embezzlement at the expense of the Greek State and money laundering brought against him. (2017)
  • Konoike Construction Co., Ltd., a Japanese construction company, which was part of a consortium in a project taking place in Romania in its claim valued at EUR 680,000 for non-payment of the agreed fees by a Greek construction company (2016)
  • Consolidated Contractors Company for an international conglomerate in an arbitration case before the International Chamber of Commerce, relating to a dispute arising from a construction agreement for a power substation in Kuwait worth €9.4m. (2015)
  • Deutsche Telekom AG in the context of a major IP litigation. (May 2013)
  • an international oil company in a ship arrest hearing before the Greek courts. (February 2013)
  • NETU Consultants Ltd, a leading IT solutions and services organization in the Eastern Mediterranean region, in a multi-million euro litigation on a public tender matter. (November 2012)
  • Greek investors in a Lehman Brothers Class Action Litigation against the Greek branch of an international bank.
  • the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in a doping litigation.

For more information about our litigation practice please contact Petros MachasNikolaos Koulocheris, Maria Antoniadou or Angelike Nestorides.