Daphne Kasimati


Senior Associate


Corporate Law, M&A, Banking

Admitted To

Athens Bar Association 2017,
Solicitors Regulation Authority 2020


Univerity of Essex (LL.B. 2012),
Boston University Summer School (Law and International Politics)


Daphne Kasimati specializes in Corporate Law, M&A and Banking.

Mrs Kasimati has a broad range of experience in assisting clients in setting up companies and advising on the most appropriate company structure, the company’s capital, the rights of members/shareholders and the drafting of tailor-made shareholder agreements, containing provisions regarding directors, reserved matters, lock up periods, rights of first refusal, drag along and tag along rights, financing matters and other commercial aspects.

Mrs Kasimati has extensive experience in assisting clients in M&A work, acquiring or selling companies. The work includes, in addition to the contribution of the necessary transaction documents, the carrying out of legal due diligence for either the purchaser or the seller. When representing the purchaser, she creates, with the client’s assistance, the DD Requisition List, carries out the actual due diligence based on the list a drafts the legal DD report for the client’s board of directors or investors. When representing the vendor, she creates the VDR and works with the buyer’s legal and financial adviser for the comprehensive addition of documents and information on the VDR, including the supply of all clarifications in connection with any legal query requested by the purchaser’s legal and financial advisers.

Mrs Kasimati is well versed in assisting clients with complex LMA type bank loans and bond loans. In particular, her work consists of reviewing, advising the client and negotiating the terms and conditions of the loan, according to models of the Loan Market Association. She also advises clients and negotiates the terms and conditions of security documents required as security for the payment and discharge of the debt. In addition, she reviews and advises clients and negotiates the terms and conditions of ancillary documents, such as additional securities required by affiliates of the Clients, guarantees, assignment agreements, cash pledges etc.

She was admitted to the Athens Bar Association in 2017 (admitted before the Court of First Instance) and she is a registered as a Registered Foreign Lawyer with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. She speaks Greek, English and German.