Jan 2023


At Machas & Partners we support saving lives. Associate Dimitris Spyridakis became a blood stem cell donor at Orama Elpidas.

At Machas & Partners we support saving lives.

That was the driving force behind our latest initiative to invite to our offices Orama Elpidas, the organization that supports patients who need bone marrow transplant as to regain back their lives. We wanted to learn more about their actions and especially to learn more about how we can support their cause and better serve their scope.


Did you know that blood cancer can be cured by a blood stem cell, marrow or cord blood transplantation if a suitable donor can be found? Only in 30% of the patients a suitable donor can be found within the family; 70% therefore rely on the worldwide register of unrelated donors for a possible cure of their disease. Over 8% of the global searches result in zero matches in the global database of almost 40 million donors.

Have you ever thought that you (and I) could be the one match for them and give them a second chance at life?

Mrs Katia Hatzipetrou from Orama Elpidas provided all the valuable information and gave us a thorough brief on “myths and reality” of becoming a donor. And we thank her very much for the enlightening discussion she shared with our team.

As a firm we are proud to share that our Associate Dimitris Spyridakis, registered as a potential lifesaver! It might take weeks, months or years before Dimitris is found to be the one match for a patient in need and give them a second chance at life.

Let’s encourage our friends and family to become a blood stem cell donor. It’s a brave act that can save the life of a fellow human being.

  • Why become a donor?
    Informing and raising awareness of public opinion around the issue of voluntary donation of hematopoietic cells and the importance of offering them to a patient who needs a transplant, and by extension the effort in every way to increase the number of Voluntary Bone Marrow Donors in our country and their registration in the National and Global Archive of Voluntary Donors.