May 2024


Forging Legal Alliances: Machas & Partners Hosts representatives of the Municipality of Jinan

Machas & Partners Law Firm had the distinct privilege of hosting esteemed guests from the Municipality of Jinan.


Among the honored guests were Maozhen Wang, Vice Mayor and Director of the Jinan Public Security Bureau; Qiang Li, Director of the Jinan Judicial Bureau; Kaiyun Wu, Division Chief of the Sixth Division of Government Affairs; Lianwu Sheng, Division Chief of Lawyers’ Work Departmenet and Zhaoxin Jin, Division Chief of the Administrative Appeals Division.

Situated as the capital of Shandong province in Eastern China, Jinan boasts a burgeoning population nearing 10 million, solidifying its position as one of the most populous cities in the region. Its historical significance traces back to the earliest epochs of civilization, morphing over time into a pivotal national epicenter for administration, commerce, and transportation. The city is a magnet for many Europeans as well as Greeks for business activities. Since its elevation to sub-provincial administrative status in 1994, Jinan has earned the moniker “City of Springs” owing to its renowned 72 artesian springs.

As a testament to fostering mutual growth and knowledge exchange, Machas and Jinan entered into an agreement to share legal expertise, insights, and best practices across their respective domains. This collaborative endeavor encompasses joint ventures incorporating legal research, client advocacy, transnational legal affairs and future business partnerships.

Furthermore, both parties are poised to explore avenues for joint training initiatives, workshops, and seminars tailored to elevate the proficiency and acumen of their professional cohorts.

Continuing this spirit of collaboration, the distinguished guests from the Municipality of Jinan, alongside our partners and legal experts, visited the Athens Bar Association, where they engaged in enlightening discussions with a delegation from the Association, including Dimitrios Vervesos, President of the ABA; Theodoros Mantas, Vice President; and Chrysoula Marinaki, Counsel. The discourse covered a wide array of legal intricacies, administrative methodologies, and potential avenues for future collaboration.

As we reflect on this enriching experience, we eagerly anticipate sustained engagement and the cultivation of robust bonds between our organizations, fostering a legacy of collaboration and progress.