Dec 2023


Navigating Controversies: Insights from Anastasios Virvilios, Partner, at the 3rd Panhellenic Conference of Public Procurement.

We are delighted to share that Anastasios Virvilios, our firm’s Partner and Head of the Administrative, Public Procurement/PPP team, actively participated in the “3rd Panhellenic Conference of Public Procurement,” hosted by Nomiki Bibliothiki on December 15, 2023.



Anastasios made a significant contribution to the dynamic discussion during the second Workshop of the Breakout sessions, focusing on the theme “Successful tenderer’s documents (Pilot trials concerning article 103 of Law 4412/2016).”


Among his contributions, Anastasios presented a thought-provoking perspective on one of the debated issues surrounding the supplementation of successful tenderer’s documents. His insights added depth to the dialogue, offering a fresh viewpoint on a particularly contentious matter.We are proud to highlight Anastasio’s role in concluding the conference on a high note, showcasing his expertise and contributing to the overall success of this impactful event.

-> You can screen Anastasio’s panel discussion here. 

– > You can watch Anastasio’s statement about the Conference here.