Georgia Pierrakaki


Georgia Pierrakaki has been working with Machas & Partners since 2016, initially as an independent assistant accountant of the firm. Since the spring of 2020, she is part of the firm’s administrative staff in the Finance Department, handling exclusively all accounting-related matters. Georgia has 30 years of experience in accounting, mainly in large companies that kept C-class books.

At Machas & Partners, her responsibilities at the Accounting Department include, indicatively, the updating of the company’s accounting books, monitoring banks, clients & suppliers, briefing, monitoring and supporting the firm’s collaborators/external accountants and the Finance Department for the entire turnover. Georgia’s goal is to ensure the smooth and seamless operation of the company’s accounting system.

Georgia is also responsible for keeping the company’s accounting books up to date with the new data related to the digital platform MY DATA of The Independent Authority for Public Revenue, as well as contributing significantly to the invoicing process. Georgia is well versed in DCW, ACCOUNTANT SINGULAR, the Union Programming Group & Sofi General & Business Management Programs, and in Business & Accounting Applications.

Panteion University, Department of Economics
Greek English
"I believe that hard work, team spirit and the ability to understand the information you receive and listen to leads to a positive outcome for both personal and professional goals you set in life."