May 2024


Unveiling Legal Dynamics: Navigating Legislative Reforms and Extenuating Circumstances

The latest edition of the Hellenic Criminal Bar Association’s esteemed publication, Novacriminalia, features an illuminating article authored by Dimitrios Zanganas, Associate and esteemed member of Machas & Partners’ distinguished Criminal Law and White-Collar Crime department.


Novacriminalia stands as a cornerstone in legal discourse, offering profound insights and scholarly analyses that shape the contours of contemporary legal thought. As such, the inclusion of Dimitrios Zanganas’ article underscores its pivotal role as a platform for rigorous intellectual exchange and exploration within the legal community.


Entitled “The new scope of extenuating circumstances: from the criterion of an honest to a law-abiding earlier life to the regression of the rule of law” , this article delves into the intricacies of pivotal legal matters.


Regrettably, the recent enactment of Law 5090/2024 has ushered in a series of contentious amendments to both the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, significantly impacting the dispensation of extenuating circumstances in court proceedings. These circumstances hold the potential to substantially alter a defendant’s situation by mitigating their sentence.


Through a meticulous analysis, Dimitrios Zanganas scrutinizes the mitigating factor of a defendant’s earlier upstanding life and probes into whether the new legislation fundamentally reshapes the prerequisites of this mitigating circumstance.


In his thought-provoking conclusion, Dimitrios voices concerns over the potential repercussions of the reintroduced criterion, apprehensive of the emergence of unjustified decisions and the ensuing disparities and legal ambiguities in the treatment of defendants.


We extend a cordial invitation to delve into the depths of this insightful article, as we collectively explore its profound implications for the legal landscape and the unwavering pursuit of justice.

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