Sep 2021

Banking & Finance Corporate & Commercial

MACHAS & PARTNERS is acting as a legal advisor to a Greek company for an acquisition deal with Japanese industrial giant

Machas & Partners is advising a Greek company in the process of a de-merger of the company into several legal entities, per business line, so that it may sell the majority of the shares in one of the legal entities to a large Japanese company in the white appliances industry.

Tom Kyriakopoulos leads the Commercial, Corporate, Banking & Finance team which consists of Ioannis Charalambopoulos, Daphne Kasimati, and Maria Achladianaki by providing advisory and compliance services on Greek corporate issues surrounding the splitting of the existing company into several legal entities, working with the company’s auditors to this effect, conducting a vendor’s legal due diligence on all matters of the Greek company’s white appliances business line.

Machas & Partners is negotiating the terms of and drafting the share purchase agreement, the possible shareholders agreement while assisting in the consummation of the transfer of shares.