Mar 2022

Corporate & Commercial

MACHAS & PARTNERS seals “Billionaire” deal in Mykonos among two leading entrepreneurs in the international elite entertainment scenery

The superb dining and spectacular entertainment experience of Billionaire, which has established its position in the elite entertainment and hospitality world and has become an icon of luxurious and quality entertainment and a favorite destination amongst the international jet set, is coming to Mykonos. The ambitious investment was sealed following the partnership of two leading businessmen in the field of fine dining and more, the Italian legend business tycoon Flavio Briatore and the renowned Greek businessman Zannis Frantzeskos.

Petros Machas, Chairman, Founding Partner and the firm’s Corporate & Commercial Senior Associate, Ioannis Charalampopoulos, represent the prestigious and global leading brand in dinner entertainment, luxury dining and indulgent living, in all aspects relating to the establishment and operation of its new venue in Greece, which is sure to deliver a masterpiece entertainment for its guests.

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