Crisis Management

Indispensable partner of Machas & Partners’ strong litigation practice is the Crisis Management team, whose mission is to provide our clients with professional, accurate and immediate response to the critical moments of their major legal crises.

The press- or whistleblower-leak of a criminal involvement or a serious litigation of an individual or a company, a biased and strenuous press attack, a publicized dawn-raid and compliance failure or a disaster in the business context constitutes for the client an independent crisis, which may prove much harsher than the underlying legal controversy itself. Amateur and inexperienced approach can be disastrous for an individual’s reputation and can easily lead to the destabilization of a company.

Our Managing Partner Mr. Machas and our Deputy Managing Partner Mr. Koulocheris have broad experience in the successful representation of several individuals and legal entities in crisis situations. If needed, together with international specialized advisers, we provide our clients with targeted strategies for responding to these attacks.

Our experience:

  • Public announcement of criminal indictment of well-known entrepreneurs
  • Politically motivated criminal investigation against a major businessman in Serbia
  • Labor accidents in major companies and labor unions’ public attack
  • Political controversy with regard to a business venture
  • Money laundering allegations, compliance investigations and hostile press reports against an international bank’s affiliate in Greece

For more information about our crisis management practice please contact Petros Machas or Nikolaos Koulocheris.