Investment Law

The financial hardships experienced as a result of the current economic crisis together with the coming into force of Greece’s new investment laws and the subsequent change of mentality toward foreign investment have created a totally new, pro-investment legal and administrative environment. Generous incentives provided by law seem to efficiently address investors’ core expectation for a stable, non-bureaucratic and rewarding business environment from a political, legal and tax standpoint.

As we highly value commercial pragmatism and pro-business approach, our team is competent not only to provide our clients with quality legal services, but also to distinguish, assess and indicate the most interesting business opportunities in the market.

In addition to the foregoing, our tax practice, in close cooperation with a leading international tax and accounting firm in Greece, provides fully-fledged guidance and intelligence to the prospective investor.

Senior lawyers from our firm were appointed members of the expert committee for the drafting of law 4146/2013 on the “Creation of a Development Friendly Environment for Strategic and Private Investments”.

For more information about our investment law practice please contact Petros Machas.