Jan 2024


Elevating Excellence: Machas & Partners Welcomes to the Team our Newest Partners: Ioannis Charalampopoulos and Sonia Saranti.

We are extremely proud to welcome to our partnership Ioannis Charalampopoulos and Sonia Saranti.


Sonia, our new Head of Banking and Finance team, with several years of working experience both as in house and external counsel and particular focus in banking, finance, credit management, structured finance and corporate transactions, will bring her experience and get things done mindset to further enhance the firm’s relevant practice.

Ioannis, our new Head of Corporate & M&A team, having led some of the most pioneer and complex public and private M&As and corporate restructurings of the past years, will bring his out-of-the-box thinking approach with a view to offering value adding solutions to the firm’s clients.

Petros Machas, Founding Partner and Chairman, extended a warm and enthusiastic welcome to Ioannis and Sonia: “It is with immense pride and honor that I extend my warmest welcome to Ioannis Charalampopoulos and Sonia Saranti as they join our partnership today. Both Ioannis and Sonia embody the core values of integrity, diligence and relentless pursuit of excellence that have served as the bedrock of Machas & Partners since its inception.

Throughout our collaboration, Sonia and Ioannis have consistently demonstrated remarkable character, exceptional skills, teamwork spirit and an unwavering dedication to our vision. Moreover they both possess a unique talent for business, which is seldom seen in younger lawyers. As such, they rightfully represent the vanguard of our new generation of partners.

We eagerly anticipate their valuable contribution, fueled by their skills and enthusiasm, in enhancing our corporate culture and improving the quality and value of our services, while boosting the footprint and impact of our firm in the markets we operate.”

The promotions of Sonia Saranti and Ioannis Charalampopoulos to Partners are a testament to our Machas & Partners Law Firm’s core values of excellence and teamwork, and stand as a signal of our ongoing commitment to nurturing and retaining talent as well as our vision to further expand our partnership and our service offerings and deepen our expertise in key practice areas.