Nov 2023


THE INSIGHTS, Issue #9 | “Navigating NPL Transactions”. Anastasia Karantana Decodes the New Standardized Landscape

Explore the most recent developments in NPL transactions in the latest edition of our newsletter, “The Insights” – Issue 9.

Anastasia Karantana, our expert MLRO & Compliance specialist, delves into the updated standardized information requirements for the sales and transfers of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs).


Entitled “Streamlining NPL Transactions: The Evolving Framework of Standardized Information Requirements,” this edition zeroes in on the European Commission’s Implementing Regulation 2023/2083. Anastasia’s article unveils essential disclosure templates crucial for both credit institutions and purchasers. These templates ensure a transparent and standardized exchange of data in accordance with the NPL Directive.

Discover the goal of minimizing information disparities, facilitating cross-border comparisons, and strengthening due diligence. Anastasia’s thorough analysis encompasses data specifications, scope considerations, and confidentiality concerns. Gain clarity on applicability and exceptions as you delve into this comprehensive examination.

A must-read for finance and compliance professionals, this edition provides vital insights into the dynamic landscape of NPL transactions.

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