Georgia Zoumi

Executive & Administrative Assistant

Georgia Zoumi is a management support professional working as an Executive & Administrative Assistant at Machas & Partners. She is a keen problem solver and her strong organizational skills are complemented with the ability to work proactively, multitask and produce results under pressure. Georgia’s main focus is to ensure the smooth flow of the firm’s operation related to administrative matters.

Georgia provides high level administrative support to executives in the workplace, such as taking calls, manage executive scheduling, prepare and organize important legal and strategic materials and plans, organizing and/or supporting special events, coordinating travel arrangements, managing executive requests, and other office duties. She assists Associates, clients, and Senior Management in their daily office needs. She is responsible for material preparation and management of internal corporate communication while ensuring meetings and materials are efficient and effective and serves as a trusted partner to deliver against the priorities of the firm.

The dynamic nature of this role requires from Georgia exemplary time management skills and the ability to identify and anticipate the top management’s needs. She interacts seamlessly and with a professional demeanor across a broad range of individuals while handling highly sensitive and confidential financial, legal, personnel and institutional information with professionalism and discretion.

Georgia always seeks to create efficiencies, streamline operations and is always eager to tackle new projects and ideas to the benefit of the firm.

St. George Business and Commercial College/Greece, Greek-English Department of Administrative Secretaries
University Centre Newcastle, United Kingdom, Business Academy Courses
Greek English
“When you believe, the impossible becomes possible. What you believe will become what is true. Your optimism today will determine your level of success tomorrow. Don’t look at your challenges; look up and look out into the future. Don’t focus on your circumstances. Focus on the right beliefs that will help you build your success.” Jon Gordon