Dec 2022


New Article: “Amending Criminal Records Law: Establishing a Rebuttable Presumption of Guilt”

We are delighted to share the recent article of our Associate Dimitris Zanganas, member of our firm’s Criminal Law and White-Collar Crime team, who authored a commentary published at TA NEA and TO VIMA newspapers entitled: “Amending Criminal Records Law: Establishing a Rebuttable Presumption of Guilt”.


In his article Dimitris discusses the new provision of article 569 § 3 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which was amended by Law 4995/2022 and stipulates the entry information contained in criminal records.

Dimitris states: “Contrary to popular belief, presumption of innocence is not a subterfuge devised by malicious lawyers who defend the non-legitimate interests of criminals but is rather the crown jewel of our European legal culture. In this context, the Legislator must combat media brutality and penal populism, to not act on the basis of current affairs on TV news, but to promote a judicious search for the truth by observing established and strict evidentiary rules, instead of the premature, hasty and unjustified stigmatization of the accused.”

Read Dimitri’s full article by clicking here