Criminal Law & White-Collar Crime

Serving the principles of justice with noteworthy experience.

Our team of Criminal Lawyers takes bold steps in the High Courts to represent both corporate and private clients in a range of criminal matters. We bring to every case a record of outstanding performance in Greece and abroad handling complex and high-profile cases with remarkable results.

We’re open-minded and unbiased leaving judgment to the jury and the courts. Our purpose is to defend our clients by all means through the legal process of fair representation. We do this by applying our comprehensive understanding of the law to a deep understanding of our clients’ actions and the extenuating circumstances.

From allegations in the business context to cross-border criminal cases, the focus of our services is the same, care, skill, diligence. Our team is highly regarded for the detailed analysis of case strategy and intensive case follow-up at all levels of criminal proceedings.

Our Criminal Law Practice is not limited to Greece, and we serve Greek and foreign clients abroad, either by consulting and coordination in cooperation with local criminal specialists or, by representation before the European Court of Human Rights. We have handled several extradition cases either through European Warrant of Arrest or through Extradition Requests based on extradition treaties.