Labor & Employment

Close to our clients with a stand-alone practice in labor law.

Recent steps in restructuring the employment relationship and rethinking labor costs have proved vital to a company’s success. Employers, working in close cooperation with labor lawyers, must practice the utmost diligence in accurately reflecting the law in all labor agreements beforehand to avoid potential litigation in the future.

Our expert team of lawyers has long-standing experience in labor law with experience in all types of labor and employment matters. We’re distinguished for offering legal services in employment as a stand-alone practice and not merely as support advice. Our way of working gives our clients the assurance of a well-informed legal partner close at hand.

Recent developments in Greek labor law have underlined the need for professional and strategic handling of corporate employment matters. The so-called flexible labor relations, labor reserve and incentives offered to employers for stimulating employment are issues which are carefully addressed by our highly qualified employment specialists. In addition, we handle executive compensation and benefits matters both at the contractual level and also in litigation and ADR.


Maria Antoniadou