Jan 2023


Machas & Partners on the side of the Social Kitchen “O Allos Anthropos”. A 10-member team volunteered to support one of the most vulnerable population groups, the homeless.

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, a 10-member team from our firm visited the Social Kitchen “O Allos Anthropos” in Kerameikos, in support of the organization’s efforts and initiatives to aid fellow citizens living without shelter in Athens. With our Chairman and Founding Partner Petros Machas, leading the initiative, our firm delivered to Konstantinos Polychronopoulos, who launched the initiative “O Allos Anthropos” food vouchers and other essential items necessary to support the daily needs of homeless people.


As part of a series of social initiatives, Machas & Partner’s lawyers provided assistance and volunteered in preparing and offering cooked meals to vulnerable people living in adverse conditions on the streets of Athens.

Sophia Ioannou, Director of Communications and Marketing at Machas & Partners stated that “we are on the side of the Social Kitchen “O Allos Anthropos” to support one of the most vulnerable social groups, such as the homeless. Our aim is to contribute to every individual’s indivisible human right to have access to food”.

She continued: “O Allos Anthropos” depicts our firm’s solidarity and volunteer ethos towards people in need. Impoverished and homeless people living under adverse conditions on the streets of Athens are faced with everyday challenges and are at greater risk of developing serious health issues. As a team, we are proud to follow the moral obligation of all companies to undertake such initiatives and actions which benefit our society as a whole.” Concluding, Ms. Ioannou noted: “Giving back to our community simply means giving back part of our company’s profit for the greater good and volunteering for this cause. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here today.”

  • Machas & Partners strives to make a positive contribution to the Greek society in which it operates, to have a positive impact and to empower communities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2022, our firm supported NGOs providing aid to vulnerable groups, offering valuable assistance through organized initiatives, contributing to their physical empowerment and social reintegration.