Evangelos Andrinopoulos

Director, Planning & Performance Management

Evangelos Andrinopoulos joined Machas & Partners senior Management team in September 2021. With a strong and extensive, commercial, and business career in multinational companies, he leads the management of the firm, in both operational and financial aspects, developing strategies appropriate to the company’s culture and values which emphasize the strive for continuous improvement, team spirit and high performance.

Evangelos has an extensive career of more than 15 years, in top Greek and multinational companies, leading teams in the financial and commercial sectors. He has acted as commercial planning and business intelligence manager, and in this capacity has gained great experience in how to measure and empower growth. During his career, he has had the opportunity to work with different cultures, experience the challenges of building effective teams and apply strategies to achieve organizational objectives and excellence in operational performance.

“I believe in teamwork and in strong cultures as an acknowledgment that people are the most critical asset of a company. Sustainable growth requires values and people on the top of the business pyramid.”
MSc (Economics) in Finance and Investment Management, Aberdeen, UK, 1999
BSc in European Business & Technology, Coventry University, UK, 1998
Greek English