Corporate/ Commercial

Leading innovative transactions for landmark deals.

Our Corporate/Commercial team has a successful track record in leading some of the most innovative transactions in the market. The team is specialized in international trade and cross-border transactions and has a wide experience in all types of the relevant arrangements.

We know the value of step-by-step assistance when doing business on an international scale. Our team has the know-how to pave the way for your particular business venture with a scope of services ranging from agency and distributor agreements, hotel management and licensing agreements, franchise agreements and export licensing to detailing the fine lines to secure your best interests.

Based on training and prior professional experience, we have the know-how to form joint ventures and private equity schemes in a compliant and tax efficient manner in Greece and abroad. The team has extensive expertise in corporate and project financing transactions, having represented companies established in Greece in their negotiations and dealings with international banks.

The team offers “clear and well-documented advice on legal issues that arise, consistency and cool-headed responses to unpredictable and urgent matters"


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